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“Adam is a fantastic Actor, Director, and Communicator.  He gets what makes a great audition, and knows how to work with any actor to bring it out. In my opinion, he’s among the best coaches in the city.” 

                               -- MARK FEUERSTEIN; Royal Pains, What Women Want, Defiance, West Wing...



"I can't say enough about Adam as an actor and a director.  We've worked together on several projects -- from Shakespeare to contemporary theater -- and he is very versatile in his knowledge and abilities.  He is immensely creative and fun to work with.  If you have a big audition, Adam will go through everything with you; he will make sure you are at your best.  I would definitely recommend you call him!" -- REBECCA LAWRENCE; THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT, THE ROMANTICS




"I went to grad school with Adam.  He directed me in several scenes and he's bold and quite creative; two integral spices to the recipe of a fantastic audition.  Use Adam with extreme caution however, because he'll challenge you.  If you're a slacker and not ready to work then he's not for you." -- JOHNNY GILL; HARRY’S LAW (NBC)


“In addition to a brilliant mind, Adam has a huge compassionate heart.  Combined with his unlimited supply of technical tools, his exquisite eye for detail, and an infinite sense of play, Adam is the complete package as an acting coach.  Working with him is an utter joy.  He truly understands the human experience and is able to communicate it in a clear and specific way producing powerful and immediate results.”  -- CATE CAMPBELL, MFA UCSD 2011



“Adam is a remarkable acting coach and director! Working with him at UCSD was an unforgettable experience. He has helped me grow as an artist and as a person in ways I never knew possible. Adam's ability to take the time to listen and understand one's individual work is unwavering. He has a genuine passion for the craft and will be there with you until you have reached your goal. He also gives you as much artistic freedom as possible which is very refreshing as an actor! I was fortunate to work with Adam for monologue coaching and I was cast in two very exceptional, award-winning plays he directed; all of those experiences have helped me become the confident and vibrant person I am today. So if you want to work with Adam, be prepared to work, in the best way possible!”




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